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Release, Heal & Transform Jealousy

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We all know jealousy is a powerfully destructive emotion and most of us have felt it at some time in our lives. When we feel threatened or insecure the green monster can appear and create havoc in our lives and relationships. Jealousy stems from low self -esteem and insecurity. It is a hugely disempowering emotion which benefits no one and feels awful.

Holding jealousy in your mind, body and energy field will have detrimental effects on your life, health and relationships and serves no useful purpose whatsoever.

Consciously acknowledging and releasing your jealousy allows the energy of it to flow though and out of your energy field clearing toxicity, leaving you feeling more peaceful and allowing your body to release, relax and heal.

Give yourself the gift of a personal healing session like no other whenever you need it!. Day or night and as often as you require. Make it a daily practice and feel your jealousy soften and flow away. ❤️

Running Time: 15:52
You will get a MP3 (21MB) file