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Affirmations For Self-Love

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Learn How To Truly Love Yourself!

In these meditations I lead you through gently releasing and expunging the deep, debilitating, fearful and disempowering beliefs that are hurting your heart and sabotaging your happiness.

As young children we all took in negative messages from the hurt people around us. Unless we heal that inner-pain it will continue to run our lives and, in many cases, continue to sabotage our best efforts.

Specially crafted statements then lovingly counter any hidden subconscious resistance.

In the final part of the healing session, we lock-in new empowering, positive, healthy and loving messages messages for self-confidence, self-worth, creativity, intuition, inner-wisdom, trust & self-belief.

Give yourself the gift of a personal healing session like no other whenever you need it! Day or night and as often as you require. Banish your inner-critic! Replace it with self-confidence, creativity, intuition, self-belief and Love!  Make it a daily practice and feel your oldest worries, fears and burdens soften and flow away. 💜

Download Affirmations For Self-Love and get 25% OFF Healing For Your Heart. ❤️

Self-Love Pt I Running Time: 25:13

Self-Love Pt2 Running Time: 24:45

Customer Reviews

“I said my first positive compliment towards myself and I truly meant it!!! Thumbs up! by Victoria Merula Proctor

So I downloaded and on the first night, a great weight was lifted off of me. Two days later I purchase the self love package. Every time I listen to the relaxation or self love, I cry at some of the things. A week into this and I said my first positive compliment towards myself and I truly meant it!!! I even recommended to my fb group I run and they love it too!“

“A very powerful healing tool for your soul. Great meditative series of self healing and relaxation programmes. Clears negative thought patterns to improve your mental spiritual physical wellbeing Giving you a positive outlook on your life Well presented lovely music lot of thought put in to each session A very powerful healing tool for your soul“. Thomas Ogston
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