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Release & Transform Fear – FREE Download

As with all our so called negative emotions there are positive aspects to fear. It is an instinctive response which keeps us alert to danger. However, long term, unhealthy fear has an effect on our health. Heart palpitations, trembling, sleeplessness, exhaustion, short breath and dizziness can all manifest from fear and anxiety. Chronic stress disrupts almost all of our bodily functions; if left untreated, it can lead to serious health problems.

Consciously acknowledging and releasing your fear allows the energy of it to flow though and out of your energy field. Clearing toxicity and leaving you feeling more peaceful. Allowing your body to release, relax and heal.

Give yourself the gift of a personal healing session like no other whenever you need it!. Day or night and as often as you require. Make it a daily practice and feel your worries and fears soften and flow away. ❤️

Running Time: 13:46

Customer Reviews

“It’s great – very soothing and transforming. An easy way to relax, listen to something positive that can assist in changing negative mindsets and the healing and releasing of negative emotions and the hold they have on your mind. Change your thoughts, change your mind!” Robin Seibert

“ I could actually feel the fear leaving my body! Amazing….love it! These are very powerful affirmative meditations…I could actually feel the fear leaving my body! Amazing….love it!” Soul Searcher

“I don’t feel my heart skip anymore. Suffered from stress and skipped heartbeats for weeks. Started using this program and now I dont feel my heart skip anymore. I’m a big fan :)” Jason McBain

“Absolutely wonderful and calming. Perfect for what I needed to hear at this time in my life. I will be listening to this on my bad days as a reminder that I can overcome and am more than my fear. Thank you for this!” Chelsea

“Felt like she was seeing into my brain! Her words are perfect for an anxious person. Thank you!” Danielle.

“Thank you. This will help me everyday. The reason I am adding to my comment is because I want to reinforce how this has helped me. My fear comes from being afraid of another anxiety attack. So I limit myself to situations that I think will bring on my anxiety. This has held me back on living my life to its fullest. Even the smallest of things. I am new at all of this healing or meditation so it is still difficult for me to train my mind into listening to me. This session has helped me more than I can explain to you. I want to send you a very heartfelt thank you thank you thank you.” Dave.

“Left me feeling fearless and calm. Thank you Barbara, that was a little different experience with affirmations and I loved it. Lovely soothing voice, left me feeling fearless and calm”. Steven Webb

“Best meditation I EVER LISTENED TO!” Lisa

“This was wonderful!!!!! Thank you and thank all good that put it before me when it was sorely needed. Blessings to you!!!!!” Anne

“The statements were right on for all the issues I have with fear. I will repeat this meditation because it will take more than once for me to move to the finish line. Thank you!” Karma

“I loved it! Especially happy that you formulate it with the yes yes yes acknowledgement instruction with only a few where you repeated it and then allowed our own minds to take in the acknowledgement! Thank you!” Shane.

“This one really helped me out tonight. I struggle with fear of the dark, and after around 7-8 minutes of listening to this one I feel much more calm. Namaste.”

“Gentle peaceful, music was perfect, pace was perfect. Many could be taken into day as mantra or slogan… My own: I release all unhealthy sabotaging fear that is keeping me from humbly doing Divine’s will, from my life. I replace it with self compassion, Divine’s humble Courage and Knowing in what He would have me do (in this scenario)…” Cris
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