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Affirmations For Intuitive Golf

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Relax, clear your psychological blocks, feel in to your shots and have more fun! 😀

Focus only on where you want your ball to go and send it there!

"This is great stuff, Barbara." ~Scott Dixon. Head Golf Professional. Dalmahoy Hotel & Country Club

Create the perfect round in your mind before you reach the first tee then watch it unfold on the course with this motivating and empowering guided meditation. ⛳

What is intuitive or instinctive golf?

Intuitive or instinctive golf simply means moving from intellect to intuition. From the rule book to feeling. From trying to keep dozens of rules in your mind to focusing on where you want your ball to go and feeling in to your shots.

No matter what countless rule books say, golf skills are no different from the other motor skill that we all use every day!

We don’t struggle or think our way to lift a coffee cup to our mouths, walk or throw a ball — we feel! We feel and do it without thinking because our bodies know how to do it.

Our Intuitive Golf guided meditation helps you relax, release psychological blocks and focus on where you want your ball to go.

“This really helped me in my high school tournament! Thank you SO much!” ~ Robiegta

Practice and create the perfect golf round in your mind before you reach the first tee!

Intuitive or instinctive golf is the way of the future, the fun way to improve your game.👍🥇⛳

Running Time: 30:57
You will get a MP3 (37MB) file
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