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Affirmations For Grief, Trauma & Loss

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Our Affirmations For Grief, Trauma & Loss meditation offers you something to reach for during the dark night of the soul.

There are times when the pain of grief and loss literally floors us. I know that place!

The Best in Grief Affirmations ~Obitree

"Barbara Clark, the publisher behind Beyond Affirmations gives you many examples of grief affirmations to model upon, such as “I release all these unrelenting, painful thoughts and emotions!” “I release the belief that I have lost everything.”

This gentle meditation meets you where you are. In the depth of the darkness. It leads you gently, in tiny, baby steps, through releasing your pain. Until you come to a peaceful place where you can begin to see the possibility of light at the end of the tunnel.

Treating your body with the utmost respect and love during this meditation we:-

🌺 Name and gently release all the painful emotions you are struggling with.

🌺 Lovingly counter any hidden subconscious resistance to letting them go.

🌺 Prepare your subconscious to accept new empowering, health-giving, positive, healing messages.

🌺 Lock-in new empowering, positive, healthy and loving messages to help you heal.

Give yourself the gift of a personal healing session like no other - whenever you need it! Day or night and as often as you require. 💙

Running Time: 31:07

Customer Reviews

“Really helping as part of treatment for PTSD it’s going really well at night sadly still having flashbacks but this app helps to calm after…so glad I’ve got this tool. ..everyone should have it just for the days life throws you off track be it a day week month or longer. ..just amazing”. Gill Young

“The most amazing guided meditation I have come across! Wow, “What Your Body Wants to Hear Release Grief & Trauma” is the most amazing guided meditation I have come across! There are so many out there but this really asks the most profound questions … making you really look into your thoughts and feelings”. A.Y.

“A lot of the pain in my neck and at the base of my skull had GONE! And that night I slept soundly which was wonderful as the previous two nights I’d hardly slept due to the agonising pain. For two days over the weekend just gone, I was in agony, I had severe pain in both sides of my neck and at the base of my skull, I thought it was due to a flare up of my fibromyalgia. So I put hot packs on my neck and took the max. dose of painkillers. I began to think I would have to see my chiropractor again!

Anyway like I told you in my last email I’d downloaded your meditations and it was that same night that I was guided to listen to your meditation on Grief & Trauma. I started to play it and as it continued I burst into tears and just kept sobbing….What a release!

I knew I was letting go of the Grief & Trauma that had been building up since my beloved husband passed over two years previous. And the things you mentioned on the meditation I really identified with and I was a little taken aback as I hadn’t realised I was holding onto such beliefs! And recently I’d left a job where I’d been bullied and was still holding onto a lot of resentment and unforgiveness towards my ex-colleagues and over the last few years many of the jobs I have undertaken, had left me feeling disappointed, hurt and lacking in confidence. So I think some of these emotions were also released! After the tears I felt as though a weight had lifted from me and a lot of the pain in my neck and at the base of my skull had GONE! And that night I slept soundly which was wonderful as the previous two nights I’d hardly slept due to the agonising pain.So THANKS AGAIN Barbara!! I will continue to listen to your Grief & Trauma meditation (& your other meditations). Love,Mary.

“ I’ve been grieving my whole life. If it wasn’t for Barbara Clark I know my body couldn’t have healed. The way it has been needing it in 20 years. All terrific and I can’t say enough about the trauma and grief track. I’ve been grieving my whole life and now I want to accept and finally live.” ~Jamie

“Have been listening to the Grief & Trauma meditation to help after the death of my husband. I feel a real difference after just a few listens, my breathing has slowed down and the palpitations have lessened dramatically. I also feel more relaxed and less “weepy”. K.R.
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