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Affirmations For Headache & Migraine and Neck Pain Package

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Stress, tiredness, overwhelm, self-criticism, self-sabotage, judgement and many other painful emotions contribute to headaches and migraines.

The neck acts as a bridge between our heads and bodies; between the intellectual mind and the loving heart. Many of us have more energy in our heads. We spend hours talking or thinking - often at the expense of feeling or hearing our hearts and bodies. This can create tension, pain or rigidity in our necks.

“Your neck is where you hold guilt and self-recrimination.” ~ Lori D’Ascenzo, Reiki practitioner and expert in kinesiology.

In these meditations I lead you through gently releasing the painful emotions most often associated with headaches, migraines and neck pain. Specially crafted statements then lovingly counter any hidden subconscious resistance. In the final part of the healing session, we lock-in new empowering, positive, healthy and loving messages to help you heal .

Give yourself the gift of a personal healing session like no other whenever you need it! Day or night and as often as you require. Make it a daily practice and feel your oldest burdens soften and flow away. 💜

Two powerful Emotional Freedom Technique based, full-length meditations, Headache & Migraine Relief (Running Time: 30:06) and Healing Support For Your Neck (Running Time: 26:27)
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