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Affirmations For Headache & Migraine

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Stress, tiredness, overwhelm, self-criticism, self-sabotage, judgement and many other painful emotions contribute to headaches and migraines.

In this meditation I lead you through gently releasing these (and many more) painful emotions most often associated with Headache & Migraines. Specially crafted statements then lovingly counter any hidden subconscious resistance. In the final part of the healing session, we lock-in new empowering, positive, healthy and loving messages to help you heal .

Give yourself the gift of a personal healing session like no other whenever you need it! Day or night and as often as you require. Make it a daily practice and feel your oldest burdens soften and flow away. 💜

Running Time: 30:06

Customer Reviews

“No headache this morning! Hi Barbara, as you know I’ve got your headache recording. I put it on last night when I got into bed and pressed repeat, best night sleep I’ve had for ages and …… No headache this morning! Xx” Ms S.T.

Truly this is a whole body healing experience. I just completed listening to the mp3 for headache and migraine. It is about so much more than head pain. You’ve managed to include every kind of
negativity we, often unknowingly, carry within ourselves. Truly this is a
whole body healing experience. And you have artfully included healing of
the mind, emotions, and spirit as well. This is a sacred work”.

Thank you,

“ Gone! Excited! Woke with headache ‘n done your recording. Gone! Ya beauty! Thank you ! Xxx” Ms L.T.
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