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Healing Grief & Loss Package

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Our Grief and Loss Support Package offers you something to reach for during the dark night of the soul.

There are times when the pain of grief and loss literally floors us. I know that place!

These  gentle meditations meet you where you are, in the depth of the darkness, and lead you gently, in tiny, baby steps, through releasing painful emotions, to a place where you can begin to see the possibility of light at the end of the tunnel and peace.

Give yourself the gift of a personal healing session like no other whenever you need it! Day or night and as often as you require. 💙

7 Emotional Freedom Technique based, Gentle Guided Meditations for Grief, Loss & Heartache.


What Your Body Wants To Hear Release Grief & Trauma: Running Time: 31:07

What Your Body Wants To Hear Healing For Your Heart: Running Time: 26:09

What Your Body Wants To Hear Release Stress & Anxiety: Running Time 33:07

Relaxation & Well-being Running Time: 16:04

Release & Transform  Guilt Running Time: 15:53

Release & Transform  Blame Running Time: 15:43

Release & Transform  Fear Running Time: 13:46

40% off the price of buying these meditations separately.
You will get the following files:
  • MP3 (4MB)
  • MP3 (35MB)
  • MP3 (24MB)
  • MP3 (29MB)
  • MP3 (15MB)
  • MP3 (22MB)
  • MP3 (21MB)
  • MP3 (19MB)