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I Don't Want A Jammie Dodger - A Weight Loss Story πŸ˜€ πŸ‘

A few years ago I ran in-person E.F.T. (Emotional Freedom Technique) weight loss groups. The weekly sessions were always fun. Sometimes there were tears as people re-visited and healed painful memories but there was always a lot of laughter.

My favourite session was the one where we demolished food cravings.

Just for fun, clients were asked to bring in their favourite food so we could build up, then completely demolish their cravings. They had to bring in the big one! The one they really couldn't say no to.

One evening, as we sat in our companionable, comfortable semi-circle, I explained what we'd be doing in the session. Everyone had their food of choice - their nemesis, either on their knee or on the floor beside them.

I explained that this session wasn't intended to be a deep dive to root out and 'cure' cravings forever. It was merely a demonstration to show them (and more importantly, allow them to feel ) what was like be free from cravings. To no longer be at the mercy of powerful emotional and physical reactions to the food sitting beside them.

As I talked, I looked around the group and noticed one lady (we'll call her Zoe, not her real name) had a packet of Jammie Dodgers on her knee. She was caressing them lovingly as she listened.

I joked to her about it and we all laughed as she told us how much she loved Jammie Dodgers. πŸ’˜

She had to have them in her weekly shopping and in her cupboard. They didn't stay in the cupboard for long! Once she stared eating them she had to finish the packet! 😲

We started the session by having everyone rate their cravings to the food in its wrapper, on a zero to ten scale. Zero being they didn't want it at all, ten meaning they felt they had to eat it now!

Using E.F.T. we tapped the cravings down to zero. We repeated this with the wrapper open, then with everyone smelling the food, then with them vividly imagining biting into it. After every round we noted the craving levels until everyone was down to zero.

Afterwards, I went round the group asking how everyone felt about the food they'd craved so strongly barely an hour earlier.

One lady thought her crisps (potato chips for our American readers) smelled off, as though they were out of date (they weren't). Another, thought she could smell the fat in her oatcakes and it was disgusting. (In all the years I knew her, that lady never ate oatcakes again!).

Everyone was delighted and amazed as we ended the session and they picked up the now unwanted food.

A week later, at our next session. Zoe couldn't wait to tell us all what had happened between her and the Jammie Dodgers.😲

When she got home she'd put the open, but still full, packet in the cupboard and forgotten about it.

All week, her partner seemed very concerned about her. He kept asking if she was okay and she didn't know why. Eventually she asked him why he was so concerned.

It turned out he'd noticed the still untouched, packet of Jammie Dodgers in the cupboard. He was genuinely worried that she was ill! As long as he'd known her, no packet of Jammie Dodgers had ever stayed in the cupboard for a whole week. As Zoe said, β€œI just didn't want them anymore”.

The Jammie Dodger addiction was over.πŸ˜€

Zero will-power, zero diets, zero weighing or measuring and zero feelings of deprivation! Zoe had gone from craving to indifference in one session!

She was now free to choose whether she fancied a Jammie Dodger or not. The powerful emotions beneath the cravings were gone.

Seasoned E.F.T. Practitioners are familiar with these kind of results. I cover more stories from my weight loss practice days in my E-book (free with The Emotional Key To Healthy Weight Loss meditation package) How Trauma, Loss AND Love Affect Your Weight (And What You Can Do About It).

The most important thing I've have learnt from all these stories, is that the ONE thing every weight worry has in common is that it has an emotional root! These roots are often hidden. Sometimes they make no sense to your conscious mind. But...they are very powerful and important to your emotional self.

When we heal the emotional roots our bodies can come back into balance.πŸ’œ ️

Love to all those wise and wonderful bodies,

Barbara x

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