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Your Aches & Pains Are A Call To Action!

Aches, Pains & Accidents Are Messages

You’ve probably heard of the mind-body connection (It’s more than a connection, there's no real separation!). But did you realise how specific it is? Your body is always communicating with you. You just have to learn how to listen and interpret the messages.

An emotional shock or trauma creates physical pain or dis♥ease in a very specific area of the body. (That’s why we are able to target our healing affirmations so precisely.)

Generally speaking, the right side of our body represents the masculine principle; the outside world, intellect, finance, authority, business etc. The left side represents the feminine principle; our inner-world, intuition, wisdom, creativity, nurturing etc. Pain or injury point to different emotional issues depending on which side of the body is affected.

Most of us carry financial and family worries in our lower backs. Fears about the direction our lives are taking in our hips and inflexible attitudes in our knees. Guilt or self-recrimination tends to affect our necks. While we may try to swallow down painful emotions and harbour worry in our stomachs, our skin is busy trying to protect our emotional and physical boundaries!


Your Body Is The Vehicle of Your Soul

So many of us use our bodies mindlessly as a vehicle to carry our minds around. It’s actually the vehicle of your soul. It is very wise and it’s desperate for you to listen to it!

Listening, accepting and most importantly, loving our bodies helps them to come back into balance and to heal.

If you still don’t believe that addressing your emotions can help your body, these 37 stories (a fraction of the feedback I’ve received over the years) might change your mind!


7 Examples Of The Messages Your Aches And Pains Might Be Sending You:-


Frozen Shoulder

Do you have a fear of being rejected? Is someone trying to hold you back?


Are you fearful of expressing your heart-felt emotions?


Are you scared of letting go or holding on too tightly?


What are you resisting?


Do you have self-worth, self- confidence or self-esteem issues?


Are you uncertain of which direction to take in your life? Are you scared or unwilling to move on?


Has the rug been pulled out from under you once too often?


When you start to view aches, pains and even so-called accidents in this way, you discover there is a deeper meaning to it all. There are no “coincidences”!

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