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Where Positive Affirmations Bounce Off, AfFORmations Land! 👍 😀

Where Positive Affirmations Bounce Off, Afformations Land, Settle In, Nourish And Thrive!

If you've ever repeated affirmations a zillion times with little or no result you're not alone. You're not deficient or somehow cursed by the Universe - you're honest!

You know when you are lying to yourself and your body knows when you are lying to yourself. On some level that will always feel uncomfortable because it sets up a conflict.

If you state “I am healthy” or “I am wealthy” when you don’t believe it, your mind will immediately contradict you, your body will react and the positive affirmation will bounce right off.

You might get away with it if your opposing beliefs are not too far apart, you will definitely feel uncomfortable if there is a huge gulf between them. 

There is a Very Different Energy Between A Positive Affirmation and An Afformation

When I first released my What Your Body Wants To Hear meditations, people asked me about the afformations. (All my meditations are constructed with a “Why” question or Afformation section). They were worried that they might somehow be negative.

I suggested they try saying a positive affirmation and an afformation out loud and feel the difference for themselves.

Everyone who tried it, felt the difference. They realised that far from being negative, it opened them up to the many positive things they actually do have in their lives.

Afformations help us see what is going right for us. In the case of physical healing, it reminds us of all the parts of our bodies which are working beautifully.

In my meditations, afformations are a way of bridging from the releasing statements to the positive affirmations. It could otherwise be too large a jump for people to go straight in to really feeling the positive, healthy, healing affirmations. It's also a way to get around the mind saying “yes but..” to a positive affirmation.

There's a very different energy around the “Why” statements. Try it for yourself, you will feel it.

For example, if you say “I am abundant” your mind will jump to the reasons you are not abundant, “I’ve got this debt/I haven’t got any money” that kind of thing. If, on the other hand, you say “Why am I so abundant?” your mind will go to the things you are abundant in, love, friends, pets, health etc.

There is less resistance to the “Why” questions and they help to lead you gently into accepting positive messages.

Using a blend of afformations and affirmations our meditations can help you with pain management,

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If you're familiar with Applied Kinesiology, also known as muscle testing, I'm sure you'll enjoy this brief video.

Affirmations Vs Afformations – A very Different Energy!

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